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Maybe you’ve been a coin collector your whole life, and it’s time to downsize. Maybe you’ve inherited a parent’s collection and have no idea how to handle these specialty items. Maybe you want to start your hobby in numismatics, and get into money collecting. Whatever your interest, Coast to Coast Jewelry & Coin staff can help you! We have the staff, the experience, and the expertise to assist you with buying or selling coins, paper money, or even bullion.


Chuck Atwell, co-owner of Coast to Coast, is both a collector himself and a certified professional with decades of experience in the coin business. “I started collecting as a kid, loved the business, and actually got started buying and selling at age 16.” Atwell is a certified coin dealer, a member of both Professional Coin Grading Services (PCGS) and Numismatic Guaranty Company (NGC), third-party  organizations that grade coins for condition and authenticity. As a representative of both professional associations, customers can feel confident about appraisal or purchase services from Coast to Coast. 


The Coast to Coast method of buying and selling is based on transparency.  “When you come into the store, the coins are never out of your sight,” Atwell explains. “We have literal transparency with glass booths and people can watch their coin being handled at all times. There’s no ‘go behind the curtain and your valuable suddenly becomes a mystery’ aspect to this. You bring it in, you’re able to watch it every moment.” 


Atwell and his expert staff can offer appraisal services, and give an immediate bid on a coin or collection. There’s never any pressure to sell; it’s up to the customer to decide what they want to do. They can often buy a collection outright, which helps both collectors who are liquidating and inheritors who want to responsibly offload a collection. This transparency helps customers have trust in the business and feel confident that their coins are being handled with care and safety. There is a private office where customers and staff can have discussions, of course, and this helps reassure customers about the business’s focus on careful handling of coins–and feelings.

“For some folks, letting go of a lifelong collection can be a little emotional,” Atwell says. “If you, say, start collecting in your teens, and now you’re in your 70s, then you have decades of investment in your coins.”

For some collectors, they realize that family and friends aren’t as passionate about the collection, and they’re ready to let go of their collection and benefit from the value of the coins. A person might keep a couple of special coins just for that emotional connection—perhaps a silver dollar that was a gift from a beloved father, or a wheat penny that they found on a sidewalk as a kid. But they can sell the more valuable parts of the collection and feel good about it.

Coast to Coast buys and sells all types of coins—commodity metals, silver,  gold, and other precious metals, including market bullion platinum, silver, and gold. A large part of their business covers this aspect of the coin market, and all staffers are very comfortable with it. Numismatic coins are  collectibles, with value above any silver content. In contrast, bullion is a commodity, with value that varies based on market conditions. We’ve all heard about gold and silver value going up and down regularly, and if you’re interested in investing in bullion, Coast to Coast can help you with this as well.

The biggest coin he ever handled? Atwell remembers a customer who came in with an 1895 proof Morgan silver dollar. These are extraordinary coins partly because they had no mint mark; Atwell recognized it as a tremendous find. Other dealers had offered her $25, merely the silver value of the coin. Atwell bought it from her for $45,000! The customer was thrilled to deal with an honest, professional business that was on her side.She happily sold the coin to Atwell.

Due to its huge retiree population, Atwell says, coins are brought down and tend to stay here in the area. The collectible market is broader than it would be, say, in Dubuque, Iowa. “You just have much more activity and turnover in this area,” Atwell says. What he likes best about the coin business is the variety. “The beauty of my job is that I never know what’s going to walk into the store,” Atwell admits. “I love the possibilities and excitement of helping customers buy or sell just the right coin.”

With its decades of experience in the business and professional expertise in money collecting, you can trust Coast to Coast Jewelry & Coin with your coin, estate, and jewelry needs. Call them today at:  (352)748-2388 or stop by the store at 3491 County Rd 201 in Oxford (just behind Gio’s Deli.)

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