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Trust Your Estate Liquidation Needs to Coast to Coast Jewelry and Coin

If you’re dealing with an estate situation, then you’ve got a lot on your mind. It’s an emotional time, plus you may have time restrictions, legal processes to navigate, and the sheer physical work of handling a deceased person’s assets. 

Coast to Coast Jewelry and Coin can help with estate appraisals and liquidations.

Co-owner and estate liquidation specialist, Chris Atwell, offers this advice. 

“Take your time and be sure you get professional help to get you through this time. There’s no pressure at all,” he assures customers. “Remember there are options out there. You don’t have to handle it yourself, like dealing with a yard sale or estate sale.”

Instead, you can trust any and all estate jewelry, coins, and even collectibles to the professional staff at Coast to Coast. Liquidations can also occur when customers downsize into a new home. You’ll get a professional appraisal of any jewelry, coins, or paper money, and you’ll understand its current market value. Find out about more of the services and specifics of how Coast to Coast can help.

Coast to Coast can either buy the items directly or offer you a professional valuation.
“And it doesn’t have to be just antique items,” Atwell says. “Any type of jewelry— modern,  antique, vintage, custom made; we can check it all. And we’ll also do valuation based on current gold and silver diamond prices. Those prices vary, of course, due to supply and demand.” 

Many years ago, a niece whose aunt had died brought in some costume jewelry, thinking it wasn’t worth anything. 

“She told us she had four tubs of it back at the house!” Atwell remembers. “We advised her to look through it, and we pulled out over five thousand dollars’ worth of gold chains, bracelets and earrings. The niece had thought it was all just junk!”

One piece was from the 1800’s and had thirteen salon sapphires in the necklace. “We ended up brokering it for her in New York, and it sold for over $25,000! We’ve been friends ever since and she has sent us many referrals over the years.”

“Take the time to have an evaluation, and have a pro look at everything”,  Atwell advises. “We just guide people in the right direction. There’s no obligation to sell to us just because you walk in the door.”

The valuation services are provided at an emotional time. Coast to Coast understands. Before you donate estate items or have an estate sale of your own, consider getting a estate liquidation professional’s take on the items you want to let go of. It will reassure you and give you peace of mind that will help you during this trying time. 

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